What do you wish you knew before doing talks?

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I recently decided to start doing talks at my community, starting with the college I go to. So, I sent a request to use one of the conference rooms and they accepted it 🙌.

I'll be talking about topics like the ones mentioned in one of my previous posts: Watch your Coding Manners.

Their confirmation email was also sent to a few teachers inviting them to bring their students too. So you can already imagine how nervous I am!

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The first talks are almost always difficult for all things (good/bad) that you think could happen.

I would have liked someone to tell me not to worry so much about technicalities and to focus on developing my talk in a relaxed way and without leaving my subject to keep good control of time.


One of the most useful advices that I got was: "They don't know what you forgot to tell them."


Thanks for sharing this, Nikola 😁

I feel like most of my fear is to skip some of the things that might be important or the opposite: going off topic too hahaha.


You'll inevitably get better as you'll practice more and do more talks. Good luck!


I wish I knew how fun it can be! Many people have 'public speaking' as a huge fear... but once you get over any nervousness it can be a ton of fun :)

My pro-tip: bring a buddy to presentation! Have this person write down the time it actually takes you to speak and any questions that are asked. I find that with all the adrenaline of giving the talk, I can't remember what actually happens. With your friend taking notes you can work on improving the talk for next time. (Which is another pro-tip: give the same talk again to a new audience!)


Thanks Elsa!

(Which is another pro-tip: give the same talk again to a new audience!)

I recently thought about this! That doing the same talks in different locations can bring deferent people with different skill levels that could potentially bring more feedback and ways to improve my slides or topics related to it.

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