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I didn't finish my submission for the Pusher contest on here, but I started to write a Vue app for that. It was my first experience really using a component-based JS framework. It took me a bit to get the hang of it, but the 'Aha!' moment came once I was able to grasp how easy it was to compose components and communicate up and down the component tree.

I'm a backend dev by day so I was a bit rusty on the frontend side of things, the last time I did frontend work was a SPA written with a bunch of spaghetti jQuery code about 5 years back.


The most recent thing I learned is how to use Chrome DevTools with Node. I know this is probably the very first thing devs learn, but I only learned it this week when I started learning Node😅. I also learnt what slots are in Vue after scratching my head for a while.


It was for a WebJob on Azure. I had to schedule a sitemap generator but I had no idea where, relatively to the executable, I could place the site map. One of those "so simple it's hard to find" kind of questions. Turns out that the default path is d:\home\site\wwwroot\, but the best approach is to fetch the environment variable for it, which is called WEBROOT_PATH. Having that, it was easy to just add wherever the sitemap was supposed to be and schedule the WebJob.


I originally studied to be a designer but fell in love with development. That was nearly a decade ago, and over the past few years, I've become frustrated with realising my own ideas. I was missing something to push me further, and to drive some motivation since I wasn't entirely happy with how personal projects ended up.

So the "Aha!" moment for me is getting back into web design!


I was working on my music player web app and I realized the reason it was slow was because I was storing the song file data in IndexedDB as ArrayBuffers instead of Blobs


I was wondering why Less wasn't compiling with the JS web tags... turns out I had forgotten to add them in the first place 😆


My most recent aha! Moment was figuring out what was Rebase used for in Git(pretty basic maybe, but for some reason people i know are scare of it)

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