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What is your opinion about Visual Studio for Mac? 🤔

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Some of the subjects I'll take in college require me to use ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft SQL Server for the class. So I've been looking for alternatives to using Parallels or Bootcamp on my machine because of lack of storage.

I was able to setup SQL Server by using Docker and Jetbrain's Datagrip successfully for some time, but I ran into issues with Rider when trying to set it up with Entity Framework to make my database using the code-first approach, so this leaves me with Visual Studio for Mac.

I'm not familiar with it and I don't think it has ReSharper support yet, so I'm a little skeptical of how good it might be...

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Wish I could be of better assistance regarding Visual Studio for Mac, but although I have it installed, I think I launched it once or twice.

Lately I've been using JetBrains Rider, but prior to this, almost all of my pet projects on the Mac I've done with Visual Studio Code and the command line (at work I use Windows and the full Visual Studio).

What kind of issues have you faced with EF? Couldn't you run the migrations stuff from the command line?

PS: This blog post here says something about fixing EF on Rider, dunno what that means as I didn't use it, but it may be related to what you mentioned.


Hey João,

What kind of issues have you faced with EF? Couldn't you run the migrations stuff from the command line?

Yeah, I've been following an online course that showcases how to execute the enable-migrations command on the Package Manager Console and I ended up googling around for a few hours without success. Maybe I was doing something wrong.

I'll give it another try later and see what happens.


Yeah, that's correct. I tried it out with EF6.

Ah, ok. As you're on Mac I immediately assumed .NET Core and EF Core, where you can do everything from the terminal, no package manager console required.
I guess if that was the case you wouldn't have asked, as you would've figured it out in no time 😅

EF6 out of Windows unfortunately I never tried.

Hope you figure it out soon!


I'm using vscode on Mac running dotnet commands. Don't have same support as an IDE but you can develop a complete project.

Maybe this post can help you:


No, ReSharper is not supported on the Mac and it probably won't be for a while.


Have you tried using the toolbox of Intellij to install Rider on your system? It's a really useful tool.

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