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Twitter: The Growing Dev's Platform

Twitter is a social media site, and its primary purpose is to connect people and allow people to share their thought and interact with a big audience. It makes it easy to reach through top people in the world, meaning; it promotes communication.

I see Twitter more than been a social media but a community that has different clans and society. I would advise anyone not developers only to have a twitter account and why?

This would be of great help;

  • To become prominent in your industry and get job opportunities:

    Like after doing a great project personally, just posting and tagging top and influential people in your field is likely to give you an edge in your career and this can be a channel to even job opportunities. I have seen countless people like that, it was not through LinkedIn or any platform other than Twitter

  • Making connections:

    Twitter is more of meeting with people in your locality and even beyond. Making friends with those with like minds, passion and even dreams, am never surprise to see people make tech startups from partnership emanated from Twitter.

  • It is a platform for learning:

    Twitter tends to be a place where you learn from the experiences of top people; their mistakes and success as a young developer etc. advice, inspiration and motivations from their life story, writing codes in simpler way using some functions, accessing resources like recommended videos and books that can really be of help.

  • For easy patronization:

    You can be patronized when good at what you do, but more patronized when having more followers and being skillful. This tends to create a sense of popularity in your field. This also has the power to fish out recommendations that might bring some involvements in projects or short term jobs.

  • Access to help and support:

    Stackoverflow is not the only place to find solutions to the bugs in your code. Twitter is also a platform where you can cry for support using hashtags and tags to be helped through, so when stuck you can also try out twitter as another channel to solutions. The dev community am seeing now are really ready to help and assist others willfully.

To grow on Twitter, You can check this out;

Please kindly comment below for feedback and you can also link up with me on Twitter and also follow me on this platform for more engagement, motivation and support as a developer.

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