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Why Work Hard When You Can Work Smart?

Hello techies 👋,

This week article will be addressing a very significant aspect of a developer career which is working ethics and this can be toxic most times. This article has a lot to share, so I urge you to read to the end.

Shall we begin 🚀

Every developer always have a goal to build something(a side project) even if been employed at an organization or not, this can surely be achieved but if not controlled well, it can lead to burnout affecting our mental health and many more.

All this points down to having a goal and aim and approaching it with a better procedure and below are helpful tips.

Helpful Tips to Working Smart.

  • Always have a weekly goal and break it down to its smallest form for daily implementation.
  • Allocate your working hours well in contrast to your responsibilities and health status; are you a parent, how conversant are you with your health and body e.t.c.
  • There is never always enough time to code. A day can't be enough so also weeks at times. So always give yourself a break.
  • Debugging can be strenuous, if the process is yet to yield out result after a long process, it is advisable you sleep or shut down the computer and find other things to do.
  • Maximise the use of Google, Stack Overflow, YouTube and other helpful sources while stuck.
  • You need to have a proper observation of yourself. What are the things that aid your productivity? Listening to music etc.
  • Always drink water while working because coding at times can dehydrate.
  • Always have enough rest.
  • Meeting with your fellow developers either physically or virtually tends to improve productivity.
  • Your sitting position also helps, you should put that into cosideration

Thanks for reading through this article and I hope you found it useful, you can connect with me on;

Bye 👋.

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