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Why Write Tests?

Hello πŸ‘‹ techies,

This week's article will be addressing a very important, essential and one of the most underrated sections in the tree of software development, which is Testing.

With my little observation most developers especially junior developers tend to know nothing about writing tests and nearly all companies including average companies take testing in their developing process.

Firstly, what is test?

Test is a program created with a major aim to source out bugs and possible errors in another piece of code or program.

Reasons Why Test is Underrated.

  • Some developer sees testing as a waste of time, which can be really and truly time-consuming.
  • Some developers don't attempt because it can be boring and frustrating while writing
  • Some developers can't just find a solid reason why they must write code for a piece of code or set of codes

Why write tests?

Why does testing sound as important as this.

  • Testing is one of the laid down processes in software development.
  • Most companies values testing, knowing how to write tests makes it a plus and advantage for a developer.
  • Tests actually save one from time wastage and stress due to bugs.

Thanks for reading through this article and I hope you found it useful, you can connect with me on;

Bye πŸ‘‹.

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