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Lazy Questions

I don't think there are dumb questions. I do think there are lazy questions. I classify a lazy question as a question where the answer is googleable or is documented in a well-known location. If you're a programmer asking me about the implementation of a function and you have no reason not to read it and understand it yourself, I expect you to go read the code, not ask me how it works.

How do you feel when people ask you questions that are googleable or might require a bit of code or documentation reading?

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Miguel Teheran

depending on the situation some developers could be mental exhaust and because of that, they ask simple questions. it is something human.

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Chuck Ha

You're totally right! I think there's a lot of gray area with regard to lazy questions. In that particular case I'd hope they could stop working if they are that tired, but if they are hitting a deadline and are super tired I think there might be some good content for a retrospective on the sprint/deadline. I'd definitely want to help my colleagues if they are under pressure.