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Jesus Guerra
Jesus Guerra

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Place iOS - r/place canvas clone

Overview of My Submission

Place iOS is r/place canvas clone made with Appwrite and pure SwiftUI.
I decide create this project for Appwrite Hackathon to test me in SwiftUI and use majority appwrite Apis. 😃
I'm a super fan of pixel art and this project fit perfect whit it. 🟩🟨🟪

The rules are simple: You can place a pixel every 30 seconds and the canvas will be updated using realtime.

Manage accounts, database, storage, sessions, realtime, functions and more were super simple with appwrite. 😎

My approach for create the canvas in SwiftUI

class CanvasViewModel: ObservableObject {

    @Published var documents: [Doc] = [Doc]()

    // MARK: - Properties
    let canvasWidth: Int = 256
    let canvasHeight: Int = 256

    /// Pixel per pixels 👀
    /// if canvasPixelFactor is high every pixels looks better (no antialiasing) but the performance in older devices will be compromised... Int(UIScreen.main.scale) + (3-12) works good
    let canvasPixelFactor: Int = Int(UIScreen.main.scale) + 3

    /// Computed canvas size
    var canvasWidthComputed: CGFloat {
        return CGFloat(canvasWidth * canvasPixelFactor)

    var canvasHeightComputed: CGFloat {
        return CGFloat(canvasWidth * canvasPixelFactor)
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Fetch pixels from storage and database, then create image

private func createImage(completionHandler: @escaping (UIImage?, String?) -> Void){

        guard !documents.isEmpty else { fatalError() }

        guard canvasWidth > 0 && canvasHeight > 0 else { fatalError() }
 .utility).async {
            let width = self.canvasWidth * self.canvasPixelFactor
            let height = self.canvasHeight * self.canvasPixelFactor
            let rgbColorSpace =     CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceRGB()
            let bitmapInfo =        CGBitmapInfo(rawValue: CGImageAlphaInfo.premultipliedLast.rawValue) // premultipliedLast or .none
            let bitsPerComponent =  8
            let bitsPerPixel =      32

            var pixels = [Pixel]()

            if self.pixelsArray.isEmpty {

                for _ in 0..<width {
                    for _ in 0..<height {
                        pixels.append(Pixel(r: 255, g: 255, b: 255, a: 255))

                // Colorize
                for doc in self.documents {
                    let x = doc.x + 1
                    let y = doc.y + 1

                    let startXPx = x > 0 ? Int((x-1) * self.canvasPixelFactor) : 1
                    let endXPx = Int(x * self.canvasPixelFactor)

                    let startYPx = y > 0 ? Int((y-1) * self.canvasPixelFactor) : 1
                    let endYPx = Int(y * self.canvasPixelFactor)

                    for i in startXPx..<endXPx{
                        for j in startYPx..<endYPx{
                            let offset: Int = (Int(self.canvasWidthComputed) * j) + i
                            pixels[offset] = Pixel(hexString: doc.hex)

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Also taking advantage of appwrite SDK's, i made a Bot in python for create pixel art in the canvas.🤖

The bot converts Sprites (or any image) in a valid image for draw in the canvas, the bot uses secret enviroment variable such we provided previously in colorPixel function, thus, will skip the delay. 😎

Bot demo


Appwrite Apple SDK: For manage, accounts, sessions, database, storage, functions, realtime... ⚡

Drops: For create notifications.
Popovers: For create pop menus.
SwiftyBeaver: For logging.

Submission Category:

Mobile Moguls

Link to Code

GitHub logo chuiizeet / place-ios

A r/place canvas clone made with Appwrite and SwiftUI for Appwrite Hackathon

Place iOS


Place iOS is r/place clone made with Appwrite and SwiftUI.
I decide create this project for Appwrite Hackathon to test me in SwiftUI and use majority appwrite Api'.

Additional Resources / Info


Func fact: In the last page, the third guy has an appwrite t-shirt.


Canvas View

For navigate in the canvas view you can zoom in, zoom out , drag and reset.

Func fact: The allowed colors is my favorite palette when i did pixel art: PICO-8 (only i was made a little change in white color to #FFFFFF)



Only members are allowed to place pixels.



For log out, change zoom factor and information.

Fun fact: Tha app support Dark Mode. 😝🌙



I use drops for put cool notifications. 🔔



  • App demostration

  • Bot demostration


This project was super fun to do.
Thanks for read and special thanks to Appwrite community for solves my questions ever. 🙏

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