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Vanilla by Cinnamon

What I built

Vanilla is a new API which adds an extra layer of security for monetized content. When users attempt to access monetized content they will transfer Vanilla’s payment information to a WM Provider, instead of their own, WM Provider then streams payments to Vanilla which we forward to a creator's Payment Pointer. Additionally we shield information of individual Payment Pointers with ours.

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Foundational Technology


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How we built it

Vanilla provides Web Monetization verification features for applications that require higher level of flexibility.

💡 Vanilla is currently working on implementing STREAM Receipts. STREAM Receipt is a proof of payment provided by Web Monetization Wallet.

Vanilla solves complex use-cases where websites want to ensure
that a visitor is paying. This can be very tricky and requires deep knowledge of ILP and Web Monetization. We made this much easier for anyone. Current Vanilla project includes Vanilla Admin, Vanilla API, Vanilla ILP and Vanilla App.

Vanilla App

App was written in Next.js and describes the Vanilla project
and the main features for Websites.

Vanilla Admin

Users are able to set the payment pointer and read Vanilla API documentation. Admin was build in Next.js as a simple client-side React application that uses GraphQL for fetching data. We will extend the endpoints and features for Web Monetization in the future.

Vanilla API

It is an GraphQL API that provides a set of endpoints for payments verification and Web Monetization features.

Vanilla ILP

Vanilla ILP is the foundation of our Vanilla project. It is build with Nest.js and WM access. It enables payment verification and multiple other WM features such as payment splitting and analytics.

Additional Resources/Info

Read more about it in our Coil Blog post at

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Chris Lawrence

This is very cool and honestly feels very relevant right now in ways that privacy and security need to be addressed in this ecosytem. Nice work Cinnamon team!