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I wrote an article about REACT and I received a comment about it. React was developed thinking in CoffeeScript, not in Javascript and it is the reason why React is so weird in Javascript. I don't know if it is true or not, cause I don't use CoffeeScript, also it is a dead technology.

About MongoDB, it's a NoSQL that works really fine but the name is offensive (at least in Spanish), Mongo = pejorative way to say retarded.


Coffeescript gets a pass for being the transpile gateway drug.


What should a coffeescripter (like me?) graduate to? Clojure?

What should a coffeescripter (like me?) graduate to?

Typescript, probably. Like CoffeeScript, Typescript is pretty much just normal Javascript, with some extra goodies. Clojure is a completely new paradigm of programming (Lisp), and won't be as easy of a transition.

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