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Cleyson Leal Braga
Cleyson Leal Braga

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Leadershipt in dev teams, how to become a tech leader?

Hello, I've been working as a developer for just over 9 years, and I realized for a while that I like the leadership part, even without being a tech leader, I end up taking responsibilities for myself, managing, giving feedbacks, etc., I would like tips on how to specialize in this area, content (video, books, podcasts) and I would also like to hear your experience with this subject! : D

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Nico S___ • Edited on

I've found the book The Manager's Path to be very helpful. It describes the changes and challenges you will face as you climb up the management ladder. Very suitable for your current situation.
Also, from my experience, I would say that Leadership is about enabling/empowering others. There is a lot of communication and teaching involved. Rather than making technical decisions.

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Cleyson Leal Braga Author

Thanks Nico! I agree, leadership is about create safe place with communication to get the best out of the team members