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Cleyson Leal Braga
Cleyson Leal Braga

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Best youtube channels to Devs and Designers

It's been a while since I've followed youtube channels about the day to day developers and designers, it's very interesting to see what these people's routine is like in their professional lives.
I came to share some of the ones I accompany, and to know which ones you like :D



MPJ - Fun fun function

Dev Tips

Wes Bos

Life of Luba


Charlie Marie

Hello, I`m Alexa

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eduardobilk profile image
Eduardo Bilk

great list!!

i missed lvlup tuts:
other than that you got all my favourite dev channels =)

cleysonlb profile image
Cleyson Leal Braga

Oh yeah Eduardo, lvlup tuts is awesome!!!!!!