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Cloudsmith + CocoaPods

We are proud to announce the availability of Cloudsmith for CocoaPods.

One of the key attributes of the Cloudsmith platform is universality. We think it’s important that you can use Cloudsmith to manage packages and dependencies no matter what format they are in.

Taking this approach means distributed development teams have a single source of truth for all their software assets, and can store, share and secure them all in exactly the same way and in the same place.

It also means that other processes within the DevOps stack only need to speak to one partner rather than many, with a consequent reduced risk of things going wrong.

Result: faster delivery pipelines, less broken builds, happy customers.

Introducing CocoaPods

To ensure that Cloudsmith is and remains a ‘universal’ package management solution, we continue to add formats and extend the scope of the platform. Hence the launch today of our support for CocoaPods.

CocoaPods is the dependency manager for Swift or ObjectiveC packages (or Pods in this context) used within Cocoa projects. And Cocoa is the framework within which MacOS and iOS applications are developed.

As a result, Cocoa and CocoaPods are popular. In 2019 Swift was the 6th most loved programming language in the Stack Overflow developer survey and the 10th most active language on GitHub.

It is also commonly used alongside other formats and languages (no surprise for a framework focused solely on MacOS and iOS) so being just one of many popular formats supported by Cloudsmith really matters.

It’s easy to get control of your Pods. In fact it only takes a minute to set up a private repository with Cloudsmith. The short demo video below should help you get started:

Then your entire team can enjoy cloud-native, secure and universal package management - with none of the hassles associated with managing an on-premises solutions.

Taking the Cloudsmith approach allows development teams to:

  • Develop Pods internally and share them privately to other teams
  • Distribute and deploy your own Pods in a pipeline at your org
  • Distribute Pods as commercial software
  • Make modifications to public Pods, without republishing publicly
  • Mirror public Pods and isolate from uncontrolled upstream issues
  • Capture the exact state of your dependencies at a particular version/release
  • Control (whitelist/blacklist) the exact Pods allowed for your org
  • Keep track of the exact versions/releases of the Pods you have/use

In short: deliver all the benefits of Cloudsmith that are already enjoyed by development teams all over the world today.

If you want to join them, sign up today and start hosting and distributing your Pods with Cloudsmith!

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