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Jasonette Docker Android APK Builder

For the Jasonette project. I created a simple Dockerfile and a Makefile with some commands to help building Android APK both in release and debug mode.

It includes everything you would need like Gradle, JVM and Android SDK.

Additionally it includes Windows cmd files as an alternative to the Makefiles.

GitHub logo jasonelle-archive / docker

🐳 A helper tool to compile Jasonette Android using Docker

Jasonelle Android Setup Tools

Directory Structure

When unzipping you can see the following directory structure:

. (root)
├── Dockerfile
├── Makefile
├── app
│   ├── build
│   ├── file
│   ├── keys
│   └── settings
├── docs
├── jasonette
└── tools
    └── windows


The only requirement is Docker Desktop at least v20.10.0. You can read the installation docs at Be sure that is up and running before installing the Jasonelle Android Setup Tools.


Linux and Mac use the Make…

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