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My Awesome Github Readme

I finally took inspiration from many github readme and created one.

Here are few things I kept in mind while making it.

Bullet points: Using Bullet Point increases Readability.

Not rating myself: I have seen github profile where they have rated themselves A+, B or such. But honestly, its the client or some other person who provide feedback and rating. So take care of it.

Making it dynamic: Many Developer fail to update their readme and seriously you should not, if you are a productive person.
Hence, I decided to use Github action to generate Github statistics and fetch latest tweets.

For github statistics: I would recommend to use the one provided by Jacob Strieb.
As stated by him, "When someone views a profile on GitHub, it is often because they are curious about a user's open source projects and contributions. Unfortunately, that user's stars, forks, and pinned repositories do not necessarily reflect the contributions they make to private repositories"

Further, I created spotify app to allow readers to know what I am listening too.

Here are all links:

Github Stats:

For fetching the latest tweets:

For fetching Medium Articles:

Contribution Graph:


Typing SVG:

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Matt Curcio

Impressive, Good work.

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Thank You