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Magento Review

Magento seems to be a forgotten opensource PHP "eCommerce" programming language due to the rise of WordPress. The idea of creators was to enhance the flexibility and stability of the eCommerce platform. However, the growth of frameworks challenges this open-source and its fame or perhaps is not likely to be heard in most developer conversations.

Let's analyze the dynamics and changes.

Magento is an excellent PHP open-source content management system (CMS) for eCommerce websites. It has eCommerce functionalities such as a shopping cart, product pages, and checkout form. It is free to use and has fantastic themes to select for your website. I believe it is the best open source if you want to get your hands dirty on code.

The dynamics

It is still evident that Magento would be discussed regarding the selection option of eCommerce storefronts. I believe many businesses will somewhat still opt for Magento because of scalability.

However, Magento has the frustrations of performance and speed. Performance seems to be the biggest frustration with little interaction I have with Magento developers. The reasons for these challenges include;

  • Extensions and modules problems

  • Caching sensitivity

  • Javascript and CSS nightmare

  • Web hosting

  • Compilation problem

  • Admin notifications

  • Cookie limitation time

  • Spam emails

  • Slow display of products

These challenges are the most common errs that most Magento developers and store owners face. Improving the version may be the simplest way to solve these problems, but is it reasonable to update the version to avoid these problems if it is open-source like any other framework?

I would not deny how the codes are scalable and unique, but it needs a proficient coder to structure or restructure them. I believe the number of developers proficient with Magento is scarce, making it lucrative if you are an existing Magento developer.

We can not dispute the rise of WordPress. Storefronts owners want their eCommerce done within a few days, and WordPress may require purchasing plugins and themes and paying a web designer to do the job. The constant need to re-learn Magento may lead most beginners to just switch to WordPress.

The future

Magento would definitely grow. However, addressing the common "difficulties mentioned above would perhaps attract more coders to learn or use Magento. This open-source seem to fit in creating big e-commerce sites alone. An example is Jumia which is a leading eCommerce site in Africa. WordPress has come in and works perfectly for small business owners.

I believe if the inventors consider business factors and improve future versions, it will be the first choice for most developers. Currently is hard to find a PHP developer talking about it. Perhaps it is limited to eCommerce creation, but it should be among the leading in web conversation.

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