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Remote Jobs, the new future of developers

Hello fellas, today I want to talk you about what is a trend today but will become a basic standard in the coming years, Remote Jobs.

We know in these days many software development companies are hiring remote workers as a little tendency, but in a brief future this can be change to become a basic standard, but the question is why? Why this could be happen?

To understand why, we need to focus first in the actual software development sector, principally in the technology towns, like the best known, Silicon Valley. But if you are a developer in Silicon Valley wouldn't you be living a King with a Salary over 100 K/Year right? Well, reality is so far of it.

Many people in Silicon Valley can live decently, but what about money saves? What about family, a house, a decent life style (not an expensive one). Can you afford that?

The true is that probably not, since only the rent would be something like 5 K/Month (in a house with other people), which is a lot, and after taxes you will be saving something like 7-25 K/Year, all this for a minimum of 120 K/Year salary. Does it make it worth it?

So, all what companies need is good workers, and good workers need good life styles, therefor would not be better to live in a cheaper place earning what you worth? Here is where Remote Jobs plays the role. Eventually people will wake up, and they will get tired of the real-state bubble, then they will start working remotely, and companies will need to start improving they requirements to hire the best Remote Workers over Landed workers.

My point is, that You as worker should be preparing yourself for this, and you as a Business man with a brightness company should be thinking on hiring by now remote workers to get used to this new tendency and don't get eventually overwhelmed.

Soonly I will share a post with the best places to live as Software Remote Developer, cheapest, safest and of course with a good food.

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Erik Anderson

Interesting points. I personally would like to do remote work to save on commute time.

However, I wonder whether working on-site with colleagues has certain intangible benefits that are hard or impossible to realize with a remote workforce.

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Feber Castellon • Edited

I agree on that, benefits of working on-site are amazing, but this only means we are not use to new changes (maybe we are a little oldies hehe), we accept them, we try them, but for example, we are not the best at working remotely yet. Which it means the new generation will reach the goal of working remotely better than on-site (I bet with new unimaginable tools created by themselves).

Definitely future is going to be interesting :D

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Let us know when you post such an article please. Great reading. Thanks

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Abubakar Diallo

Great article!

I want to know the cheapest to live as a remote software developer