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List of tools for code review engineers

List of tools for code review engineers

If you perform code reviews at your company we hope that this list of tools adds value to your GitHub workflow.
We created this list on GitHub recently and we'll periodically keep adding more tools.
Feel free to contribute your suggestions.

Tool Description
Gitpod Gitpod is an open-source Kubernetes application for automated and ready-to-code development environments that blends in your existing workflow. It enables you to describe your dev environment as code and start instant and fresh development environments for each new task directly from your browser.
Pull Reminders (from Pull Panda) Review and merge pull requests faster with Slack reminders and notifications.
Pull Assigner (from Pull Panda) Pull Assigner assigns code reviews to make your process more balanced and efficient: 1) Organize reviewers into groups using GitHub Teams 2) Assign pull requests to teams or automate it with CODEOWNERS 3) Pull Assigner auto-assigns one or more members of the team as reviewers.
Gitify Gitify is all about making your life easier. Sitting on your menu bar, it informs you of any GitHub notifications without being annoying and of course without adverts. It just gets the job done. Works with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. You can even connect multiple accounts.
Quests Quests is similar to Gitify but with one important difference: Quest also supports GitLab.
DevHub Create columns for the repositories and people that matter to you; Receive Desktop Push Notifications; Manage Notifications, Issues, Pull Requests & Activities; Bookmark things for later.
Bolt Designed to close the gap between code development and security, Bolt helps GitHub developers create more secure products. It detects and alerts you of vulnerable open source components in your repository.
Imgbot Imgbot is a friendly robot that optimizes your images and saves you time by leveraging the power of pull requests.

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Ted Spare

Thanks for the list! My team built something similar to Gitify and DevHub called It lives in the macOS menu bar and filters non-actionable notifications by default. It also offers full keyboard navigation.

Would love to know what you think.