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How to open/edit/bind ports to running Docker Containers

You have a running production container (a synced node) and you would want to either edit or bind new ports in this container, as opposed to spinning up a new container.

The following steps should aid you to achieve this.

1.Stop the running Container

docker stop <container-id>

2.Open Docker containers directory

cd /var/lib/docker/containers/

cd <container-id>

Alt Text

3.Edit hostconfig.json

Open hostconfig.json with nano or vim
locate and edit PortBindings with the new ports you want to edit, open or delete.

for instance


4.Restart Docker

systemctl restart docker

5.Start container

docker start <container-id>

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Yo bro how can i return my hostconfig.json back how it was ? i absolutly fucked up something i change the ports numbers but then i didnt know how to save it I started pressing random keys and now its all broken I tried to get it back how it was but seems like i created 17 hostcling swp files ( idk what that means ) and when i try to recover them I press 17 to recover the latest one and press enter and nothing happens so i really need some help right now

Image description
Image description

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Hawk Tian

Thank you.