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Last Update for 2020

I started documenting my web dev journey in April of 2020.
I am very glad that I decided to do so because it has really helped me stay on track because I always had something to go back to and read. It was also helpful to have somewhere to share my progress with others because like myself, there are many people that are learning interesting stuff about web dev as well.

I am glad to read my comments when I have them because they always offer additional insight and improvements.

The thing I learned about web dev and learning in general is that the more I learn, the more I learn how much I don't know.

I had to restart my web dev course twice between April and December due to the updated course that got released as I was started another course.

I am glad that I went back and looked over the updated information. Web dev is always changing and evolving even while I am trying to catch up and learn the basics.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming and feel like I can never get started because as soon as I finished learning something I have to go back and relearn it because something has changed.

I believe that is what makes technology and web dev interesting and challenging but also rewarding because it truly never stops. There is no end. You literally have to start somewhere and keep going no matter how much change occurs.

Lastly, my current plans is to finish up the updated course of web dev before the end of the year, then in January jump into the data structures and algorithms course to build a foundation in computer science that will make me a stronger developer in the long-term.

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