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C++ Community Challenge

Hello, my name is Sonny and I am a Curriculum Developer at Codecademy. We recently proposed, designed, and built our Learn C++ course that launched in December. Over the last three months, 184,038 learners have started the course and it is currently our 5th most popular course on the site. 😱

So to celebrate, my teammate Mariel and I launched a beginner-friendly C++ Community Challenge to our Pro learners that will last to the end of the month. We want to give back to the community and also hope to inspire more collaboration & teamwork for the learners. And there are prizes: Codecademy hoodies and Arduino Unos!

How to Enter:

  1. Find a code buddy in our Lifelong Learner Slack. 👯
  2. Decide on and build a project together. 🌱
  3. Submit a link to your GitHub repository by March 31. Voilà! 🙌

High Five

Challenge Rules:

The prize deadline for submission is Sunday, March 31, 2019 11:59PM EST. Your project can be whatever your team decides. It will be judged based on:

  • Use of vectors and functions in your code.
  • Collaboration (coding is more fun when you work together).
  • Originality and readability of your code (make it your own and use style conventions and comments to keep things legible).

Winners will be announced the first week of April.

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Sonny Li • Edited

Update: Congratulations to Eric from California, USA and Sinan from Istanbul, Turkey on their HomeCook Recipe Program! 🎉🎉🎉

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