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Cover image for Codecademy Launched Learn Swift
Sonny Li for Codecademy

Posted on • Updated on

Codecademy Launched Learn Swift


We're proud to announce our first-ever mobile development course — Learn Swift! Swift is a programming language developed by Apple for:

  • 📱 iOS
  • ⌚️ watchOS
  • 🖥️ macOS
  • 📺 tvOS
  • 🐧 Linux

Our new course is great for beginners or anyone interested in building an app. Check it out: ✨ Learn Swift ✨

The first two modules are out now, and we would love to know what you think about them. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

P.S. More advanced content coming after New Year. 🙂

Top comments (2)

peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank

Very cool, congrats on the release!

sonnynomnom profile image
Sonny Li Author

thanks mang!

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