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Introducing CodeCast

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Why CodeCast?

Livestreaming is great, but with regular screensharing your students are missing half the experience.

Share Code in real-time

Point CodeCast Studio to any project folder to share the whole directory tree in real-time

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Stream and record your screen

Screenshare and webcam are synced with code changes.

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Developer-first experience

Viewers can explore your project tree and customize viewing options in an environment that is intuitive and efficient for learning.

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LiveStream with CodeCast Studio

CodeCast Studio is the starting point for providing an incredible learning experience to your students or viewers. It enables you to select one or more project folders to share in real-time as you teach, and can synchronize screenshare and webcam video with the code changes in real-time. We watch for filesystem directly, so CodeCast Studio doesn’t require integration with any particular editor. You keep your normal workflow while providing a better experience for your students.

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In-Browser Interactive Learning

Share your cast with a URL, and viewers can explore your project in real-time as it evolves. Our dedicated cast player has the look and feel of a modern text editor with the shortcuts and customizations that developers are used to, then is layered with learning-specific features to help them follow changes in the project. Screen share and code changes can be viewed in parallel, so students can both watch your examples while being able to explore and copy parts of the code to run themselves. Once a live session is finished, the full recorded session is available to replay and study.

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