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15+ Material design admin dashboard template 2020

Material design is a designing language developed by Google. The main thing googles achieve via material design concept is to unify their product interface. Originally, google announce the material design concept in 2014 to create an analytic app. A ton of development resources available for material development resources and unlimited No. of. Possibility to utilize resources effectively which makes the development process very fast. A material design concept merge with various platform easily such as Bootstrap, React, etc. A combination of both technology we achieve stunning User Interface.

When we built any website, a dashboard is the most important part of it. Your website dashboard plays an important role in tracking key performance indicator matrix and other data relevant to your website. Material design is responsive and provides better services.

If you are looking for a material design concept dashboard template or just a simple dashboard material design, we have a stunning collection of material design template which is perfect for every type of website.

BERRY - React admin dashboard

Alt Text

Codedtemes launches new react material-based Admin dashboard which is -BERRY. Using the Material-UI library to build faster, beautiful, and more accessible React applications. Berry is SEO Optimized and compatible with all major browsers(such as Mozilla, Chrome) and devices(Tablet, laptop). The template comes with a Light dark version which is easy to access. 


• Build on Material-UI

• Rich design

• Based on React-hook

• Fast loading

• Light dark version

Materially React admin template

Alt Text

Materially is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable React Hooks + Redux with Material UI. It is the most convenient react hooks admin dashboard template for developers as it's made with React Hooks, Components, Create React App, Redux, clean code, and fully documented which allows you to build eye-catching, high-quality, high-performance responsive single-page applications.

It comes with a performance-centric code for easy understanding. The template uses 3rd party authentication such as JWT, Auth0, and firebase.

• Dashboard, 50+ Widget Cards
• JSS Powered
• 75+ Pages
• 6 months of free technical support
• Easy to customize

1. Softbox Responsive Bootstrap 4 admin

softbox responsive bootstrap admin

Softbox is a responsive bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template that comes with a sleek, clean and powerful SaaS, web app, software admin template. It has a modern and stunning UI/UX element. There are multiple reasons to use softbox such as it has a cleanest and robust development base.

For new decades business dynamic front end capability. Another standard feature is that every page is fully responsive and retina ready, so whenever you open your website or app in any device or browser it looks great.

Basic feature

  • 10+ home page layout
  • Clean code
  • Hover effect
  • Google map integration
  • Fully responsive

2. Able pro Bootstrap 4 Admin panel

Able Pro

Able Pro is a stunning and fully responsive bootstrap admin template. It contains a ready-to-use feature package and provides a flexible solution to every problem.

Able pro comes with a light-dark layout and set of components for the unlimited creativity of the user.

Basic feature

  • 11+ menu option
  • 100+ external plug-in
  • Live customizer
  • Easy navigation
  • Useful animation

3. Proxima

Proxima admin

Proxima is a clean, professional, and modern template built in Angular 9 using Typescript CLI.

The template design according to modern trend and technique in mind. It built without using jQuery and comes with rich and powerful multi-purpose applications.

Basic feature

  • High-resolution design
  • Drop zone file upload
  • Live customization
  • Widget pages

4. Vex Angular admin template

Vex Angular 8 Admin dashboard

Vex is a creative multipurpose design admin template built in angular 9 and angular CLI. It is a perfect framework for build large enterprise application which allows for a modular component setup.
Vex crafted as simple as possible to customize. a navigation menu items can be added dynamically according to your needs. It comes with the light-dark mode layout.

Basic feature

  • Fast and lightweight
  • Clean and smooth design
  • 4000+ icons
  • Nested routing
  • Advance google map integration

5. Stexo Admin Dashboard Templates

Stexo admin template

Stexo is a bootstrap 4 based fully responsive admin template. It is based on a modular design that allows you to be easy customization.

Stexo comes with a lot of reusable components, features, widget, and more. It’s compatible with all major browsers (such as Mozilla, chrome) and device (such as a tablet, smartphone).

Basic feature

  • HTML and CSS3 support
  • LTR and RTL support
  • SaaS support
  • Google map integration
  • Drop zone file upload

6. Roe React admin template

Roe React admin

Roe is a super flexible, powerful, clean design with a responsive and modern layout template built-in various frameworks such as react.js, bootstrap with unlimited possibility.

Roe provides easy theme configuration and developer-friendly layout. The template is fully responsive and clean or compatible with all modern browsers.

Basic feature

  • Easy customization
  • Multi-language support
  • Color option
  • Dark-light

7. Magilla Multipurpose Admin Template

Magilla Multipurpose Admin Template

Magilla is a web app template for the admin dashboard and control panel. It is a responsive HTML template based on the CSS SaaS framework.
Magilla admin is based on a modular design, which allows it to easily customize and built.

Basic feature

  • 90+ HTML page
  • 2000+ icon
  • RTL support
  • Responsive layout
  • Vector and google map

8. Annular Angular Material Admin Template

annular angular material admin dashboard

Annular is a powerful and creative material design admin template based on angular and angular CLI. The template is fully responsive and clean. It is compatible with all major browsers such as Mozilla and chrome and all devices such as tablets and mobile. It contains many examples and read to use the template.

Basic feature

  • LTR – RTL support
  • Nested routing
  • Forms
  • Responsive design
  • AOT compilation

9. Roxa Material Admin

Roxa Bootstrap 4 Material admin dashboard

Roxa is a modern dashboard admin template built in bootstrap 4. Roxa uses SaaS to make your life editing the style easier.

It is a responsive bootstrap admin dashboard theme compatible with all major browsers and devices. It comes with bower and npm for package management in your project.

Basic feature

  • W3C validate code
  • Clean and well-commented code
  • Multi-color option
  • Built code with a gulp
  • Light-Dark theme

10. Materialize Material Design Admin

Materialize Material Design Admin

Materialize is a material design dashboard template design inspired multipurpose admin template. It has a huge collection of material design animation and widget, user interface, jQuery plug-in that work effectively all major browser and device.

It is perfect for desktop-based application custom admin panel, CMS, CRM, SaaS, and suitable for personal business, e-commerce, social platform, etc.

Basic feature

  • 5 pre-built templates
  • RTL and multilingual support
  • Well structure code
  • Chat and mail application

11. Egret Angular Admin Dashboard

Egret Angular Admin Dashboard

Egret is a material design admin template built with angular and angular CLI. It implements all necessary features to start CRM, CMS, and dashboard-based projects.

It involves standard features like multiple layouts, lazy loading, dynamic breadcrumb, and page title. By default, it comes with 4 pre-built themes.

Basic feature

  • Lazy loading
  • Model-driven navigation
  • Dynamic breadcrumb
  • Rich text editor
  • RTL support

12. Elastic UI Admin Panel

Elastic UI Admin Panel

Elastic is a creative material design template built with angular and angular CLI. It is an offer you everything you required to start a new CRM. It is as easy as possible to customize according to your needs.

A navigation menu items can be added dynamically from anywhere.

Basic feature

  • Fast and lightweight
  • 300+ material icon
  • Angular flex layout
  • Clean and smooth design
  • Nested routing

13. Material art Powerfull Material Admin Template

Material art Powerfull Material Admin Template

Material art is a CSS based framework, that helps you easy to customize the admin template.

Material art comes with a 4-dashboard variation, 1600+ pages, unlimited color scheme, and multiple file uploads.

Basic feature

  • Megamenu
  • Range slider
  • Light dark layout
  • Easy to customize
  • Multiple file uploads

14. Espire Admin Template

Espire Admin Template

Espire is the most pixel-perfect stylish design template built with angular 7. It has a marvellous and uncomplicated design for you to have a clear overview of your web app.

The template is well structure design and well organize coding. The good structure website skin for nifty admin panel.

Basic Feature

  • HTML and CSS support
  • Responsive
  • Compatible with all major browser

15. Material able Admin Template

Material able Admin Template

Material able is a free and most stylist bootstrap 4 admin template. It comes with the developer-centric code. The dashboard has four different variants such as E-commerce, CRM, Analytics, Project layout, etc.

Basic feature

  • 14+ page layout
  • Faster loading speed
  • Live customization
  • Social media integration
  • Multi-browser compatible


Above all the mention template built using a combination of various platforms using google material design concept. Choose the theme/template which is perfect for your business and customize it according to your requirements. Before buying the premium version of any think may check the demo version to easily understand.

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