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JavaScript arcade machine

I want to build a JavaScript arcade machine for education purposes. This arcade machine will motivate kids to learn to code.

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Imagine a coding club having this machine. Kids will develop their own mini-games (using the above mentioned platform) and then they will play them on the arcade machine! Even crafty parents will be able to build this machine for their kids.

The arcade machine will be obviously integrated with the coding platform. The arcade will show a nice menu with best programs and will allow users to play them using the joystick and buttons.

The project has 3 main parts:

  • the arcade machine cabinet (build instructions, etc.)
  • the arcade machine electronics (I've selected Raspberry Pi as a SBC)
  • the arcade machine software (HTML5 Based running in full screen Chromium)

I would appreciate if you can provide me suggestions / feedback about the project overall, as well as about the above 3 main parts of this project.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Les Orchard • Edited

Ryan Bates sells some really good bartop arcade kits with laser cut plywood and all the rest of the hardware (buttons, screen, etc) to hook up a RaspPi to run RetroPie. But, you could install whatever you want on the Pi

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How does code guppy integrate with all this? Do you need a separate platform like that?

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Kids will first code mini-games on
The arcade machine will have a discovery mechanism to list all programs of a specific users or the published programs of community (TBD). Suggestions welcomed.