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"Zero boilerplate philosophy" - what frameworks / libraries / environments do you know?

Hi developers,

I was just reading an article in a MagPi booklet about GPIOZero. The article mentioned how this nice Python library for physical computing got it's name. It was basically designed with "Zero boilerplate philosophy" in mind.

I actually liked that very much, because I thinks that "zero boilerplate" is an important ingredients for beginners to learn coding... but also for more advanced users to learn a new framework.

I think that having "zero-boilerplate" frameworks is sometimes more important than having "low-code" or "no-code" environments.

  • What is your opinion?

  • What other framework / libraries / environments do you know that embrace the "Zero boilerplate philosophy"

When reading that article, I realized that - the site that I'm using to show about coding to kids and teens is also following the same philosophy.

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Parcel is a bundler that allows for a zero configuration and is based on your entry point. It is blazing fast and really cool for quick prototyping. I never used it in production but I'm highly considering it for my personal website.

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Ben Nuttall