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At the risk of seemingly like the wet rag, Robert Martin is also somewhat controversial, not only for some discriminatory attitudes, but also because, despite some of his ideas being good, he also cannot apparently tell the difference between his opinion and objective fact. I highly recommend you take anything he says with a very large grain of salt: even many of his ardent fans will admit that you have to sift through his work, which requires industry experience of your own. It is usually best to learn Agile and Clean Coding from other sources.


I understand that he has some pretty awful non-tech beliefs, but I haven't actually come across much of that. I've been developing for 6 years so I'm using a bit of salt here. My goal is to provide a series of summaries using one of his video series as a gateway to the topic for others (and to bolster my own understanding). I'd prefer to keep myself clear of his personal details. I have finished watching a 6 video series of his talks and this series of posts will be continued with my summary of those. I have the first one written and ready for publishing next week. I do hope that you will follow and be sure to check out that article. I'm newly learning clean code principles, and I'd really appreciate your feedback on my understanding.


I'd be happy to follow along, sure. We definitely need better summaries of Clean Coding than the ones Martin provides.

The one piece of advice I give on the topic is summarized like this: Clean Coding is not sacred scripture. Brain not included. As long as you bear that in mind, which it already looks like you do, you should be fine!

See also,

Thanks for the information. I did, fortunately, see that in the last video of that series even he said that these are the ideals and they must be broken at least occasionally and that if you watch the videos that he puts on the cc website then you will see him demonstrating reasons and times for breaking the rules.

Ultimately my professional understanding is that nobody executes ideals. You just learn them so that you can figure out the very best ways that you can incorporate the pieces into your workflow and team standards.

I'd argue, that should be the first video in the series, not the last. There are too many people who cite his ideas as gospel. Glad he said it, though. It's better than nothing.

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