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re: Has Stack Overflow Become An Antipattern? VIEW POST

re: Jason, thank you so much for your brief reply. It's nice and pleasent to have a talk with you. See, the problem in perspective. I respect Ben and ...

You forget, Spolsky and Atwood were having fun too. They didn't want war, they wanted a healthy, fun, vibrant community. But they failed to recognize that if they automatically linked "smart" and "powerful" in this industry, they'd wind up with all the antisocial egotists having the moderator tools. They forgot everything Weinberg ever taught us!

You can have fun, but that doesn't nullify the fact you're still doing hard work. It's not a matter of complaining. Coding is hard, but I love it. Making a decent apple pie is hard, but I love it (just made one this afternoon). To pretend it's easy doesn't help anyone. Everything is easy to the person who isn't doing it.

I think @ben and @jess would say that, yes, running DEV is hard work. Nothing saying it isn't fun most of the time.

Yeah, perhaps easy is not the right word combination. But having fun on a hard work is relieving.
I'll need to learn what you said in your first part, I'm totally off of that. But thank you for a nice talk. :)

Thank you too!

Civility. It's one of the things that makes DEV such a darn nice place!

Yeah. Just imagine how the above discussion would end if it were happening on SO. :-D :-O :-X

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