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Introducing #devjournal

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There's been an awesome sort of article floating around DEV for some time: one where the author publicly journals their experiences as a developer.

These have always felt like they needed their own tag to call home...and now they have one: the #devjournal tag!

What Belongs Here?

Any time you write a post describing your own experiences, consider adding the #devjournal tag. For example...

  • Development logs detailing your team's progress,
  • Top five things you learned this week,
  • Some "brilliant" idea you tried that utterly bombed (and why),
  • Your weekly journal from starting your first development job,
  • Your goals for the next week.

If it's something you'd write in a journal about your life as a coder, you can put it here.

What Doesn't Belong Here

#devjournal should be exactly that: entries about your experiences. It should not be used for...

  • Tutorials and articles that aren't directly related to your experiences.

  • Posts primarily promoting your project. (Use #showdev or Listings for that.) Tell us how you did it instead!

  • Questions. (Use #help instead.)

  • Most discussion prompts. (Use #discuss instead.) See below...


Your post should be about you and your experiences, which generally makes it a mismatch for the #discuss tag.

There is one major exception...Journal Prompts. If you want to encourage other developers to write a #devjournal-style comment in response to a prompt, it may be reasonable to use both tags.

Not To Be Confused With...

There are a few tags that may or may not also fit your post. Be sure to know the rules for the tags you're using, and select the right ones.

  • #beginners is for articles geared towards newbies to programming (or at least to a language).

  • #showdev is for showing off projects you're proud of.

  • #explainlikeimfive is for super basic explanations of topics.

  • #career is for anything relating to careers.

It may also be a good idea to include tags for the technologies you're using, especially languages and specialties.

However, since there's a limit to the number of tags you can choose, if your post fits this tag, please make #devjournal one of them!

...And, That's It!

Pretty simple, hey? As long as your post is written about your experiences, and what you've learned, #devjournal invites you to share your experiences with the DEV community.

Top comments (8)

jaloplo profile image
Jaime López

Really nice article. It makes me realize the tags I should use on my posts (at the moment I only have created two).
I didn't know there were this classification so thank you so much to bring light on this for me.

omrisama profile image
Omri Gabay

Don't most blog posts come from something that people here experienced or worked on in their personal/work lives?

codemouse92 profile image
Jason C. McDonald • Edited

Absolutely, but most of them aren't written as such. #devjournal is more about sharing the story than about disseminating the distilled information.

deciduously profile image
Ben Lovy

I think several of my old #journal posts for this bill! Great idea, loving all the new tag specificity.

ssimontis profile image
Scott Simontis

I love it! I was just telling someone about how I keep basically a lab journal on projects and there's a few projects that are probably really cool that a lot of people don't get to experience.

yusufcodes profile image

Nice, I didn't know this type of category existed! I may start adding to this tag myself😊. Thanks for sharing!

piraces profile image
Raul Piraces Alastuey

Great idea!! Hoping more people joining #devjournal