What is your favorite open source project?

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Gearing up for Hacktoberfest here. Aren't you!?

I'm sure I'm not alone in just jumping on GitHub come October and plucking the first few projects I find interesting. Instead, I'd love to hear what projects people can't live without and hope I can help this time around.

Personally, there are quite a few I depend on for day-to-day smooth workflows git-reflow, rubocop/standard, rspec, rails, ruby. What about you?

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I would like to recommend our new initiative Postwoman - API request builder which helps you create your requests faster, saving you precious time on your development.
Stack: NuxtJS, VueJS.


Cool! Will take a look at issues next week 😎 Make sure to tag your issues with hacktoberfest to get some extra exposure.


Don’t know how I’d cope without Laravel. It makes php development rock!


I wish Laravel was as popular back in my PHP days. Instead, I was forced into Joomla and Drupal. Symphony was fairly decent at least.

Are there any specific projects related to Laravel you love as well?


I seem to use at least one Spatie package in each Laravel project. Usually Laravel permissions or activity log.



Created an online tool to query JSON objects.

I will look to create a contribution guide and issues tagged as hacktoberfest

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