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Christian Heilmann
Christian Heilmann

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A teleprompter script for video recordings

Currently I am recording a lot of videos and I found the fastest way to do them is to write the script and read it out to my camera and then record screencasts and edit them to fit the narration. In order to make sure I read from the top of the screen and reading into the camera I had to scroll my scripts a lot, which was annoying so I wrote a small teleprompter script to work around that problem.

You get a text box to write or paste your script and pressing the "show as prompt" button will display one paragraph at a time at the top of the screen in a large font. You can click the document or press the right arrow key to move forward and Escape to go back to editing.

The prompter script in action

If you go to you can see it in action and the source is also on GitHub. It is nothing fancy and a lot was written by GitHub CoPilot for me anyways.

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