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Christian Heilmann
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How to create short and concise technical videos

This weekend I released a new video on the VS Code TikTok and YouTube channel which got some good interaction (53k visits on TikTok, 6k on YouTube).

Here is the VS Code portrait version:

And here's my original landscape one.

People keep asking how I did those, so I added a new chapter to the Developer Advocacy Handbook explaining the process. Click below to read it there in detail.

Screenshot of the handbook chapter on creating videos

In essence, the process is:

  • Write a concise script
  • Record yourself reading this one
  • Record a screencast showing the things you talk about
  • Speed up, add freeze frames and cut the screencast to match the main video

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Leonardo Montini

From your handbook:

The first thing to do to create super short videos is to forget that you can do them live. Computers have a penchant to do things wrong as soon as you record something and whilst you fancy yourself a professional, it is amazing how many things you do wrong when you record yourself

Ah, this is so true! I also create content in both short and long formats and from time to time I have that feeling that I'm ready to do it live, but suddenly something stupid goes wrong!

As a result, I get back every time to do video and audio separately and then mix them with a video editor.
Glad to hear I'm not the only one! 😅

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Andrianarisoa Daniel

Thank you for sharing.