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Christian Heilmann
Christian Heilmann

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Web development is like assembling IKEA furniture

When you put together IKEA furniture, it feels a lot like web development.

  • You get a huge bag of seemingly random parts and you should sort them before you start
  • Everything is standardised and uses building blocks
  • The manual is meant to be universally understandable and such needs some effort to grasp
  • Forcing something to fit means you're doing it wrong
  • Leftover items mean you skipped a step
  • You can use power tools to speed things up but you are likely to break things if you do
  • Plan to assemble it right the first time, because taking it apart will mean you break it.
  • Some parts are impossible to put together on your own - partner with another person and get a second pair of eyes to prevent you from doing something stupid
  • Things look small and easy to handle when flat packed, but once you assembled them they take up a lot more space and are harder to move elsewhere

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Danny Engelman

Web Development with Frameworks and Libraries is like assembling IKEA might be a better title.

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Christian Heilmann Author

I disagree. HTML to me is components. Using frameworks and libraries is the point of using power tools where an Allan key is enough.