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Vyper, a Pythonic language

Bitcoin was designed on a decentralized public ledger. The blockchain allows you to do online transactions directly from your wallet.

Bitcoin wasn't designed to do large scale computations in the scripting language. It's only the value system, no programming on top of the network.


Vitalik Buterin, the creator of “Ethereum”, wanted to experiment with this.

Just like bitcion, there are coins, in Ethereums case the token is Ether (ETH). It uses fuel (gas) to power the transactions.

Like Bitcoin, Ether (ETH) has a price value. You can fetch that using a
simple Python script, if you want to.

Instead of just a decentralized public ledger (blockchain), it adds a virtual machine (EVM). The way this works is that every node runs an EVM. Then you can make smart contracts (programs) that run on the network.

Programming the EVM

The EVM was created because if direct scripting were to be allowed, a bad actor could run a script on the network. You can program the EVM with the languages Solidity or Vyper.

Vyper was made to be similar to Python. The overall feel of the language is the same, but of course Vyper is for creating smart contracts.

While a Python script is executed as


a vyper script is compiled using

vyper filename.vy

Vyper supports lists, booleans, operators and functions. Overall an interesting new experiment, that goes way beyond the blockchain.

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