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What's New in Codesphere Version 1.8.0

The latest Codesphere updates!

What's New?


  • Added Python support
  • Ability to create an app from a GitHub URL
  • Added FAQ page

Starting today, Codesphere supports Python and allows users to create an app directly from a GitHub URL. The feature works in the following way: navigate to and append a #, followed by a GitHub URL of any public repository. This will create an app by cloning the repository. The final URL will look something like this:

You can now also find a brand new FAQ page on our website with answers to any questions you may have.

In addition, our team is working on allowing users to connect their own domains to your Codesphere apps, which you can expect in the coming week along with a tutorial video on our YouTube channel

We are working hard to make Codesphere even more enjoyable to use. Stay tuned for future releases!

As always, thanks for using Codesphere.

Happy coding!

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