Flutter Quiz App

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Flutter Quiz App with Backend helps you to create and run Android and iOS Apps using Flutter & PHP, MySQL backend (Laravel based). It includes the Text & Image-based Quiz, Reports Page and more

ORIGINAL: https://codesundar.com/downloads/flutter-quiz-app-with-backend/

Quiz App Features

App Screen

  • Home Screen
  • Topics wise or category wise
  • Pick Number of Questions
  • Quiz Page / Questions page
  • Text and Image-based Quiz
  • Progress Indicator
  • Results page with Chart
  • Detailed Report for Quiz took
  • Social Sharing for scores

Admin Panel Screen

  • User Authentication / Admin login & Register
  • Manage Questions (CRUD) with Tags
  • Tags wise search
  • Pagination
  • Manage Topics / Categories
  • Settings Page

Flutter Quiz App

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