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CodeTips first Open Source Project

CodeTips are proud to announce our first Open Source project, RSS-Twitter.

Take one or more RSS feeds and automatically tweet new articles.

There is still a way to go (e.g. improving the README), but it's officially "live".

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Fred Richards

This is great! I used to push Google+ to Twitter automatically (think the hashtag was something like #FredR-G+) ... and I've been curating a ginormous rss feed database since 2015. I often just take interesting articles out by hand and tweet them out.

Did I mention I'm trying to learn golang. Geez, your timing is perfect.

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Ah that's awesome!

If you end up using it, I'd be really interested in hearing how you get on.

As you're learning Go, I'm just going to take the opportunity to point you at CodeTips - we've got a few articles on different Go topics.

If you need any help with learning Go, or questions about the code in this project, feel free to reach out.

More than happy to help.