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"Flashback" - a MongoDB Atlas Hackathon Submission | Wohooo! πŸŽ‰

Overview of My Submission

My submission for the hackathon is a memory-based game called Flashback. I used MongoDB Atlas Database for storing the games, the scores and the users. The rest of the technologies are:
Angular, NestJS, Firebase, Prisma, TailwindCSS, a bit of πŸ’—

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Submission Category:

Choose Your Own Adventure

Link to Code


Game Url (Demo)

About the game

This is a memory based game built for the MongoDB Atlas Hackathon. Players can create game lobbies and invite others using a link. They can simulataneously play the memory game and whoever finishes first, essentially wins and the game quickly ends as someone finishes the game as a winner.


When testing the app, please wait a while as the heroku instance (dyno) might still be down, since it is on a free teer. Once you log in, you can wait for a few seconds and try again to see everything working.

Built with

The game is built using Angular, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, NestJS, MongoDB πŸ˜„ (of course), and Firebase. Also, with a lot of and hardwork πŸ’—. Which can be seen at either Twitch or YouTube as all of this was streamed LIVE with all my efforts, frustration, and small wins…

Additional Resources / Info

Here's a demo video explaining the workflow πŸ™‚

Please note that the backend is deployed on a FREE dyno of Heroku. So when you try the app, it might take some time before you get a network response as the dyno might be sleeping. Takes a few seconds before it wakes up and starts responding.

Hoping for the best 🀞 This was fun!!

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