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My Web-development Journey

Why Web-development?

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I was in my second year of college, pursuing B.Tech Computer Engineering and due to the pandemic “COVID-19”, College wasn’t going well at that time. At that moment, I realised that depending all on college will be of no use so, I started to explore what interests me the most while learning. Then, I found out that web-development resources on internet are so easy to understand and are available on a large scale, that anyone can start learning it at free of cost. Without a doubt in my mind, I started collecting the resources and started my web-development learning journey. Honestly, that decision was the best in my life, to give a kick-start in my programmer’s journey.

Ways of learning Web-development:

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The best way to learn web-development is to listen and watch some courses and practice by yourself. After some days of practice , you will be able to read and learn from web-documentations. Whenever you face any problem, a programmer or developer always depends on Google and Stackoverflow. I will provide the resources with you below in this blog.

Topics related to Web-development:

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FronEnd and BackEnd
Web-development is categorised in two parts : FrontEnd Web-Development and BackEnd Web-Development

FrontEnd Web-development is the development of what the clients see such as, the designs and the functionalities of the website. To be a FrontEnd developer, We have to learn:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript

We can also learn the frameworks and libraries of FrontEnd like, Bootstrap, Tailwind and jQuery, to make ourselves and our work more faster and better in the designing the Websites.

BackEnd Web-development is the development of the server’s side . It helps to connect the clients and servers with its technologies. To be a BackEnd developer, We have to learn:

  1. Node. js
  2. Express. js
  3. APIs
  4. Git, Github and Version Control
  5. Databases : MySQL and NoSQL(MongoDB)
  6. EJS and React. js

When you complete these topics both FrontEnd technologies and BackEnd technologies and you are familiar working with these concepts , you are called as Full-Stack Developer.

Best Resources of Web-development:

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These are the resources from which I learned Web development completely:

Web-development Video Resources:

Free Courses:

Traversy Media – Youtube Channel
freecodecamp – Youtube Channel
freecodecamp HTML/CSS – Youtube Video
freecodecamp Javascript – Youtube Video

Paid Courses:

Angela Yu – Udemy
Colt Steele – Udemy

Web-development Documentation Resources:

W3 Schools
MDN Documentation

You can follow the youtube channels and learn from them or you could enrolled to one of the courses in Udemy to start off your journey. A special mention for practice is, , you can learn anything from here .


Why learning Web-development was my best decision? – It is because, in my learning time period , I learned so much extra-development topics, which I can apply on any software development works and even in Blockchain-development that many scopes of work were opened for me to build myself a better developer and use my development skills to develop anything I want.

For more blog content, Visit my blogs: Blogs

“Wake up , get out of your normal comfort zone and start learning Web-development . Your life’s gonna change soon, once you have learned it.”
– Richard Warepam

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abhiram228 profile image

Great work!!
2 small questions!
Kindly can I know the time period which you learnt web dev? any tips you can give for beginners?

alsharqawy25 profile image
Mohamed Elsharqawy

Great article 💕
I do think that Version Control "Git &GitHub" as well as JavaScript libraries like React. js suit more in the "front-end" category than "back-end" one.

coding_warepam profile image
Richard Warepam

Thanks mate! I agree with you!
React.js suits more with front-end.
I just want the beginners to start the three basics first !