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Updating AJonP's Brand

ajonp profile image Alex Patterson Originally published at on ・1 min read

Updating AJonP's Brand

Another evolution in the AJonP brand has come in the form of standardizing on acceptance. Making the most of neutral (non-stereotyped) colors. Taking a nod from and updating AJ's tag to include a rainbow, as every mascot should have gender neutrality.

First the Technology

If you have not checked out Figma yet please do so right meow! It is so powerful when you can take a component and reuse it throughout your site. Checkout how I can change the eyes in all of these different Logos, just by changing the main component.

AJ's New Tag

AJ will now be representing more people equally, and that is really important particularly to web development! We want a community that encourages everyone to share and learn together!

AJonP's New Logo and Tag

AJonP's New Colors and Logos

AJonP's New Colors and Logos

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