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Useful resources to learn React.

Have you learnt JavaScript and you want to up your game with React?

This post contains most things you need to know:

Understanding STATE and PROPs

This part will help you understand PROPs and STATE. It shows you how to quickly play with React.

Get up and running with react

How to set up a React application.

This part will show you how to set up your first React application with ease.

Setting up a React Application

Offline documentation

This part shows you how to have React and other documentations offline to reduce data consumption (if applicable).

How to use React documentation offline

Understanding React component

This explains React Component in a simple way that will help you understand its uses. And that is one of the major strengths of React.

Getting to understand React component

Making a CRUD application with React

This part shows you how to make a CRUD application with React.

How to make a CRUD application with React

This part shows you how to consume APIs in React applications.

An article is coming soon on this though it is currently "working on my computer" 😂. It is coming soon.

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Thomas Lombart

Self-promotion time: I've written two posts related to React. They can be helpful if you're trying to improve your code quality: