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Road to Genius: genius #69

Each day I solve several coding challenges and puzzles from Codr's ranked mode. The goal is to reach genius rank, along the way I explain how I solve them. You do not need any programming background to get started, and you will learn a ton of new and interesting things as you go.

function TZ(n) {
  let N = 0;
  while (n >= 5) {
    N += 😈.floor(🍎 / 💧);
    n = 💰.floor(n / 5);
  return N;
let A = TZ(TZ(TZ(12200)));

// 💰 = ? (identifier)
// 😈 = ? (identifier)
// 🍎 = ? (identifier)
// 💧 = ? (number)
// such that A = 188 (number)
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Here's an interesting challenge, we have to fix 4 bugs in a pretty short code base.

All four bugs appear on two sequential lines. We immediately see that 😈 and 💰 should be Math because they use the common floor function. The final two bugs 🍎 and 💧 are tricky to find. However, if we look at the possible answers for 💧 (number) it shows 12200, 5 and 0; dividing by 12200 and 0 makes little sense, but dividing by 5 is also done on the next line of code. Since 💧 is likely to be 5, then 🍎 could be n for the same reason:

coding challenge answer

By solving these challenges you train yourself to be a better programmer. You'll learn newer and better ways of analyzing, debugging and improving code. As a result you'll be more productive and valuable in business. Get started and become a certified Codr today at

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