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Reducing Newbie Coder Lethargy

Hello everyone!

Recent C#/.NET boot camp grad here. This post is about doing what you can.

I've been a big to-do list maker/user for a long time. Every Sunday night for the last few decades I've taken a notepad and wrote out the week's tasks in order of priority. Years later, I switched to Notes on the iPhone and I still make and edit my to-do list many times daily.

Recently I realized that my to-do list has many things on it I'll never do, and they're generally at the bottom. Why won't I do them? Because I feel like I'm not ready, and because of that I'll mess them up or get stuck prematurely. The truth is, the coding bootcamp I attended was a nerve-wracking daily ordeal of me not feeling "ready" and constantly messing up, making mistakes and getting stuck, often in pretty ludicrous ways. But I learned every day from those experiences.

My post-bootcamp to-do list has many things I'd like to do with coding, like more learning and independent projects but at the same time I don't feel ready to do them well. That usually makes me feel like putting them off and pretending like I'll do more learning before I try them but the truth is, with thinking like that I'll never get around to it, probably. I'll just do stuff that's easier.

I have 5 Udemy courses (JavaScript, Data Structures and Algorithms, some C# stuff) I've started and am about 7% into all of them. I need to devote daily time to them and finish them. Some are a bit over my head, but I decided it would be good to go through them anyway and be exposed to the material at least once and go from there.

Similarly I just need to get to the bigger challenges on my list and jump in! I find that items that are never attempted or finished are fatiguing to keep seeing. I want my to-do list to be interesting and inspiring! I have some basic app ideas and it would a nice refresher to build them.

So for the New Year I decided that I would scale my to-do list down but also hit every item as best I can and then move on. Thanks for reading!

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Katie Nelson

Wow Andy! You sound a lot more organized than me. 😊
My unfinished programs are scattered around my hard drive and I tend to ignore them easily. Most I doubt I’ll ever return to, but I keep them around till one day in the distant future when I’ll just send them to the waste basket.
Now you have inspired me to do something useful with them! (If I find the time.)