Hey Tech Community! What are your favorite shortcuts?

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I was pair programming the other day when my programming partner Christian used a keyboard shortcut in Codepen that I didn't know but was happy to learn! (Command F or Ctrl F to search through your code)

I feel like I miss out on all of these "commonly known" shortcuts.

So what are shortcuts in web development you have learned and/or use often?

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Emmet is definitely handy to know for frontend dev. Here's the official Emmet Cheat Sheet. VS Code supports it out of the box.

I imagine other editors might as well or at least have a plugin for it.


CTRL + CMD + SPACEBAR and you get all the emojis delivered to you. 😍


Oooh that's a good one! I do enjoy emoji😬


Ctrl+tab to move between screens/ areas in the IDE


Ctrl+F hand's down!

I love it so much I'll be reading a physical book and I'll have the urge to type it...


πŸ˜‚Nice. It has made working with my code in CodePen so much faster now.

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