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How efficient dev environments can increase development velocity?

A dev environment, if set up well, can help you in

  1. discovering bugs early in the software development lifecycle.
  2. testing features in parallel testing & shipping code rapidly.
  3. collaborating with your fellow developers.
  4. testing features along with your users and customers & get their feedback.

Imagine what would unlimited dev environments to every developer in your team unleash?

  1. Faster development?
  2. Better collaboration?
  3. Early detection of bugs?

Well, yes to all of them.

So why don't all teams adopt it?

Because dev environments are:

  1. hard to set up
  2. slow
  3. are dependent on services & 3rd party applications that might make them slow.

Cohesive allows you to setup environments with easy to use UI, automate environment creation and termination.

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Really interesting.
Thanks for sharing!