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Java Number One in 2019?

End of the year! Some facts about Java in 2019! Is it good? Is it bad? Your thoughts?

In 2019 Java is still number one on Tiobe index -

Oracle Java One conference is now renamed to Code One

Android is Kotlin first announced by Google. Google will deliver the Android APIs first in Kotlin and after this in Java

Refactoring 2 by Martin Fowler has the samples in JavaScript and not Java, like in the first version of the book

Pivotal (Spring) was acquired by VMware

RedHat (JBoss) was acquired by IBM

Java EE is JAKARTA EE now out of Oracle garden and in the Eclipse Foundation -

Oracle refuses to let the javax package to be used by Jakarta

September 2019 β†’ Java 13 in many distributions: (but everyone I know is still blocked at Java 8)

For 2020

Oracle Code One Is Moving to Las Vegas -> September 21–24, 2020!
Pivortal Spring One Will be in Seattle -> September 21–24, 2020!

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