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Automated Society Security System


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Django-Firebase app for improving Security Systems in housing societies using Face Recognition and IoT

How to use the app :

  • Get your society registered with the application. Once the society is registered you have the permission to assign one account to every flat in the society as the admin of that house.

  • Now the admin has the powers to register his house members. These members will be verified by the secretary before registration.

  • Once the registrations are done, every admin will be able to keep a watch on the people who have come to visit him and he has the power to permit them inside or reject them.

  • Now the admin will have to also register a watchman who will receive live notifications whom to permit and whom to reject.

Link to the IoT source code and setup : here

Link to the Django Source code : here

This application is ready to be hosted on Heroku.

Are you Interested ?

  • Fork the Repo
  • Make some modifications
  • Send the Pull Request :)

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