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3-2-1 Newsletter: 2 must-have tools for content creation

Hi There!👋🏾

🙏🏾 Welcome to my blog newsletter where every week, I share a 3-2-1 curated list consisting of my content and also what resonated with me over the last week.

👉🏾 In this week's post, we have 3 tweets, 2 awesome tools for content creation, and 1 video editor that will help you better understand asynchronous JavaScript!

3️⃣ tweets

1] A single page #sketchnote created to help understand the concept of IIFE in JavaScript.

2] A single-line code solution to find the smallest element in a JavaScript array.

3] The array utility method to fill an entire array with a value. Helps in pre-filling with default value.

2️⃣ tools for content creation

These are the 2 tools that I find myself using regularly.

1] The first one is carbon
Alt Text
This tool helps you generate beautiful code snippets and download a rendered image. It also allows for various levels of customization like borders, shadows, fonts, etc.

2] The second one is excalidraw
Alt Text
This tool lets us create flow charts or rather any sort of drawings with a hand-drawn feel to them. If you are into creating complex charts and want to make them different, give this tool a try.

1️⃣ video

If you want to truly understand asynchronous JavaScript, I highly recommend this video that I came across recently. It's from the Google Chrome Developers YouTube channel where two Google devs discuss the different caveats associated with async JavaScript:

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Hope that helped! As always, keep rocking.
Cheers 👐🏽 :)

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