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Kafka Connect JDBC connector: installing a JDBC driver

Ever hit that pesky "SQLException: No suitable driver found…" in Kafka Connect's JDBC connector? You're not alone 😅

💥I wrote up and recorded a quick tutorial on how to fix it, both local and Docker. Enjoy!

Getting this error?

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:oracle:thin:@
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  • Put the JDBC driver in the same folder as the Kafka Connect JDBC plugin.
  • Restart the Kafka Connect worker

Alt Text

The tutorial shows how to do it with both a 'bare metal' install of Apache Kafka or Confluent Platform, as well as on Docker.


Tutorial covers:

  • Determining the Kafka Connect JDBC plugin folder
  • How to find the Kafka Connect worker log
  • Viewing the data in Confluent Control Center
  • Installing JDBC driver for Kafka Connect running on Docker
  • Docker - Installing the JDBC driver at runtime vs baking an image
  • Listing installed Kafka Connect plugins
  • Using kafkacat to view the topics and data

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