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Choosing a CSS framework

Once I was done playing with pure CSS and hitting my head every time I had to center div element or resize that img, I heard the words of (not then) magic. CSS FRAMEWORK.

I died!

You must be wondering, everyone uses Bootstrap, why would I be trying without it?

Okay to be very very honest, I was scared of the most known framework, Bootstrap. That is one of the sole reasons I kept on brewing my tea of web on pure CSS fire. But ever so much of a fun game it was, one can not simply dwell on it forever.

So I began my hunt for a framework for ME. Bootstrap though was the king of the domain, I had already sidelined it. One of major reasons. The monotony. Most sites were built in Bootstrap, and hence looked basically same.

Few Google searches and after trying different snippets from like of w3.css and bit of bootstrap(okay, yeah) and a little of Foundation, Pure- I came across the FINAL DESTINATION to my mess- Bulma.
Bulma was a love at first sight. I scanned their entire official site and religiously went through the documentation, made my cheatsheet and few great pages.

I followed a tutorial on Skrimba that is by the way mentioned on Bulma's official page and okay Skrimba is so cool! Literally. The site is so pretty and well innovative methods too! Plus Plus! I just had to stay.

If you are someone looking for a framework for better CSS game, well, Bulma--a pure CSS, no javascript-- framework can be the one for you.

I'd be posting few front end development posts with project videos and source codes, covering everything Bulma has and I will share the cheatsheet at the end if you need, so you don't have to struggle through the entire documentation, like I did.

If nothing you can follow the videos and fork the code and get few great projects on your profile!
Don't forget to do your own thing.
Keep designing!


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Like many devs my first experience of a CSS framework was Bootstrap its the main one out there and it is used at work (although heavily customised) and it does make things easier when you're trying to create some base layouts. In my own personal projects I tend to avoid using Bootstrap as I didn't like all the classes added into HTML however more recently I have discovered and been learning to use tailwindcss.

As with JS frameworks there are a few CSS frameworks out there I've only used Bulma verry very briefly as part of doing a few tutorials so I have no real experience of it but it does look pretty good. I'm going to stick with Tailwind for now might give Bulma a go one day.

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Shristi Singh

Totally agreed Chloe, Bootstrap unless customized is totally mundane and feels too boxy to me. Tailwind is one of the top choices out there, I haven't yet put my hands on it but I'm pretty sure I will one day.
As for Bulma, it is kind of cute and I am trying to create few beautiful sites with it, I hope to share them real soon! Will appreciate feedback!

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Yeah definitely like you say you can usually tell when a site uses Bootstrap they all do seem to have a certain look. I initially didn't like all the classes in HTML (I've gotten over that :)) but with my current projects I'm using Gridsome being able to use tailwind avoid the need to write my own CSS (although I enjoy it and tend to write it a certain way if doing it from scratch (alphabetically) sometimes naming elements is so hard!) plus it's a chance to learn sometime new which is never a bad thing. I'll look forward to seeing some Bulma projects.

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This was helpful.